Early Childhood

Pandit Sandip Shastri Ji was born in a family of Vedic Priests in the holy city Pandharpur in Maharashtra, India. For many generations, Shastri Ji’s family has taught Vedas, Shastras, and Astrology, and helped their community perform rituals and ceremonies.


Shastri Ji completed his education at the Veda Pathashala in Pune and Kamakoti Peetham in Kanchipuram and Varanasi, with a major of Sanskrit study.

In 1990, H.H.Shankaracharya Paramaacharya sent Shastri Ji to Varanasi for advanced studies, where he completed studies from Pundit Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid Ji, Pundit Shrikrishna Shastri Ji, and Pundit Gajanan Shastri Ji. Under the exceptional guidance of these Acharyas, he studied Nyaay Shastra, Yajurveda Kramantam, Upanishads, Shodasha Samskaras, Vedic Prayogas and Yajnas.

Services & Expertise

After graduation and specialized training, Shastri Ji accepted the position of “Veda Acharya” in the Veda-Vedanga Vidyapeetham at Ahmednagar and Veda Shastra Vidyalaya in Pune before serving as a Vedic priest, acharya, counselor, and astro adviser in the USA and India.

Shastri Ji is adept at communicating with the young generation to explain all the pujas both spiritually and scientifically. He is the best in conducting and performing Pujas in all Indian traditions and languages such as Wedding, Gruha Pravesham, Vastu Shanti, various types of Homam/Havan, Puja, Abhishekam and other special ceremonies. He has taken a leading role in performing Prana Pratishtha, Kumbhabhishekam, Maharudram and Special Yajnas at Temples and organizations in India, USA and Canada. Shastri Ji is also an excellent teacher of Sanskrit, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedas and Upanishads

Shastri Ji’s Areas of Expertise

  • Vedic (Brahmin) Priest:
    Shastri Ji conducts and performs all types of Pujas, ceremonies, and Yajnas, and is a well-versed chanter of Veda Mantras.

  • Vedic Astrologer:
    Shastri Ji is skilled in horoscope making, matching, reading and solutionary consultancy.

  • Counselor:
    Shastri Ji is a deep resource for knowledge, wisdom, and advice about health, wealth, marriage, pre-wedding, spiritualism, and more.

  • Acharya /Guru:
    Shastri Ji teaches many scriptures to study groups in person and online.